Camp sites on Socotra

Кемпинг на Сокотре

Eco-tourism means overnight stops at camping sites. It is much more interesting than staying at hotels in Hadiboh, where you have to eat traditional Socotran meals at local restaurants importuned by goats and to feed mosquitoes in your rooms. 

When having overnight stops at camp sites you get a good chance to spend much more time in nature, to use sunset light to make great pictures, to have a campfire meal for supper and to admire the stars.  

The night temperature in Socotra does not fall below +25º. So, it is quite comfortable to sleep in tents. We use light insect-proof & wind-proof tents, touristic mats and light sleeping-bags.

On Socotra there are a few camp sites (Detwah, Rush, DiHamri, Aomak) with toilet and shower rooms. They usually offer ordinary food (rice and a piece of fish) and a pitch.

Individual guiding means making special meals for a group. We cook European food. It is usually a fish fillet prepared with the use of various recipes. It is quite possible to create various and tasty dishes of scarce products available in Hadiboh.

Except specially arranged camp sites we put up tents in “wild” camps near natural basins where you can wash sea salt.

When arranging island journeys we do our best to show you the most beautiful places of Socotra in the right time, which is especially important for photography fans. 


Photos of camp sites:


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    Socotra has five wildlife reserves.