Commiphora Ornifolia - very rare and unique resin from Socotra island. A limited amount is available.

The main distinguishing feature of this resin is that it is very sticky.

Therefore, it is almost not collected on Socotra, despite the very pleasant and unique smell.





We received a special order for this resin and organized a careful collection  in the most remote corners of the island.

Now we have finally received the long-awaited package from Socotra with this very rare and unique resin.


Price - 35$ for 100 gms

Shipping from Turkey


 Good discounts when buying resins for 1 or more kilograms

 To order Frankincense or any resin from Socotra  send us a letter or or use the feedback form (below)


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    The north-western part of Socotra is planned for construction of a new sea port. The field research works are about to be completed.