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Ghamen Ali

"SOCOTRA TAMAM" is one of the oldest travel agencies on Socotra and is headed by Ganem Ali al Kubari, the native of Socotra. Ghanem has extensive experience in tourism and local environmental projects and knows everything well on Socotra.

We mainly work with agencies, but we will be very happy to make an individual non-standard travel program for you, especially if you are not going to Socotra for the first time.We have many interesting but little-known places and routes for any time of the year, even during the summer monsoon season - the best time to explore the beautiful canyons of the central plateau.

Socotra is too beautiful to deceive ourselves and other people and must be viewed comfortably, so we provide only high-quality service with good delicious food and new camping equipment, clean bedding etc and, most importantly, good drivers and guides who have been working with us for a long time according to our standards.

We organize group and individual programs of any topic and complexity - trekking, fishing, bird watching, kitesurfing, diving, filming etc.

 "SOCOTRA TAMAM"  working as marine agent since 2014 when Socotra was rediscovered for yachtsmen thanks to our friends who were not afraid to be the first to sail to Socotra.  Now every year we meet dozens of sailing boats on Socotra, providing the necessary services.

We do not accept dumping at the expense of quality, so our prices are higher than those of other agencies.

Despite the same programs the quality of service is very different and in the end you can either just been or really see and feel Socotra island.

We are helping with the second one.


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