Weather & Seasonality of Socotra

Though Socotra’s climate is rather equable (about 25ºC in the night-time and 35ºC during daylight hours), it is also characterized by seasonal variability, which is recommended to be taken into account when planning a trip to the island.

The Socotra’s tourist season starts from the end of September, when a monsoon season is over. In September – October it is usually warm and windless. After summer winds the island looks fresh and clean. In spite of the lack of fresh verdures it is a good time for sea-based recreation, diving, sea trips and trekking routes.

November is sometimes characterized by episodic rainfalls and storms. It is the time when rain water flowing down slopes comes together to form rapid stream flows in Socotra’s canyons. So, one has to be very accurate in choosing camping sites and routes.  

December – January is the "velvet" season on Socotra, when all the trees of the island come into leaf. It is the best time for walking and trekking routes. The north-east breeze creates good conditions for kite-surfing, but may rough up the sea and restrain diving activities.  

February – March is the most “beautiful” time on Socotra, when Dragon Trees and Desert Roses, the trees having the appearance of a wine barrel, burst into flowers and the sea calms down. The only disadvantage of this period is an inflow of tourists and a bit hotter climate provoked the lack of wind. It is an optimal time for sea trips and diving on Socotra.

In April – May it gets rather hot (30-34ºC). At this time, you will find a calm sea and warm water. Good time for quiet and comfortable private tours.

June-July-August is the period of strong monsoon winds. As winds begin to blow, the severely dry dirt and dust from the ground begins to blow through the air. In the mountains the air temperature may fall down to +12ºC. High waves prevent fishermen from going to sea.

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