7-day tour with hotel accomodation

7-day tour program is developed to show you the island’s most famous places. It includes full five days on the island with outdoor meals. Tourist groups are guided by local English-speaking guides.


Tour Program:

1 day

Sanaa, Yemen Arrival to Sanaa*

Meeting at the airport and receipt of a visa, transfer to the hotel of the category you specified.

Guided sightseeing tour around Sanaa. Vising Military and Historic Museums in the morning.

Having dinner at Shibani, one of the best restaurants of the city (an average invoice sum is 15$)

After dinner – the Old City walking tour.


2 day

Detwah Lagoon, Soqotra island Flight from Sanaa to Socotra by Arabia Felix airline.

Transfer to the hotel of the category you specified.

Transfer to the western part of Socotra, visiting Detwah lagoon. Beach break before and after lunch.

We would recommend you to walk from the viewing point (see the photo above) to the camping where we will make a dinner for you. It will take for about 2 hours of slow walk (do not forget to take with you water and a flimsy scarf). 

Coming back to Hadiboh and spending the night at a hotel.


3 day

Dixam, Soqotra, Yemen Transfer to Dixam Plateau located in the central part of the island, a habitat of Dragon Trees. Going down to  Wadi Dirhur canyon by jeeps, swimming in a fresh water pool, having dinner in the shade of palms, walking through the canyon.

On the way back you will be able to make great pictures from the viewing point of the canyon before the sun goes down.

Coming back to Hadiboh and spending the night at a hotel.


4 day

Archer, Soqotra, Yemen Transfer to the most eastern point of the island - Ras Erissel Cape, swimming and sunbathing at one of the best beaches of the island.

After seeing high dunes and fresh water stream in Archer, we will offer you to have lunch in Rush camping site and to have a beach break on the shelly shore of the Arabian Sea. 

On the way back – visiting Socotra’s museum where you will be able to buy famous Socotran frankincense.

Coming back to Hadoboh, sleeping in a hotel.


5 day

Soqotra, Yemen Transfer to the south coast of the island by the beautiful red mountain road.

Lunch in Aomak camping site on the shore of the Indian Ocean. Beach break.

Sand dunes in Socotra After lunch – visiting Debug cave.

Transfer to Stero, where you will see snow-white dunes especially beautiful before the sun goes down.

Coming back to Hadiboh by the asphalt road leading through Dixam plateau. Sleeping at a hotel.


6 day

Ayaft, Socotra Visiting Ayaft Gorge, one of the most beautiful Socotra’s places, a habitat of incense trees, enjoying a glorious Skant rock massif view.

Lunch in the shade of age-old trees, swimming in a fresh water pool.

Coming back to Hadiboh, visiting a beautiful beach on the shore of the Arabian Sea, sleeping in a hotel.


7 day

Sanaa, Yemen Flight to Sanaa by Arabia Felix airline, visiting the Imam’s palace (outside Sanaa), having dinner at Shibani restaurant in Sanaa, walking around the Old City, shopping, enjoying free time*.

Transfer to the airport.


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    Socotra has a great number of caves some of which stretching for tens of kilometers.
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