Windsurfing on Socotra

Socotra can be too dangerous for wave-riding, but it is an excellent place for measuring speed during a monsoon season....

Maybe in the future we will organize a world speed competition on Socotra. )


Summer wind on Socotra:















spot 1. Qalansya

Up to 30 m/s. Off-shore, side-off-shore. 


spot 2

A very long sand beach. Off-shore. Wind  15-25 m/s.

Perfect place to check the speed!


spot 3. Hadibo

After Hadibo it has an easy entrance. Off-shore. Wind  15-25 m/s.


spot 4. Ras Erissel

A very difficult spot. Strong waves. Off-shore. Wind  20-30 m/s.


spot 5. Marfirhin

An easy entrance near the village. 

Side-shore. Wind  12-18 m/s. Strong waves.


spot 6. Aomak

Good waves. Side-shore. Wind  8-10 m/s.


spot 7,8. Di Sebro, Net

Strong waves. No wind


spot 9. Shuab

Gusty wind, good waves.


French windsurfers on Socotra in 2007



Photos by Denis Romanov, 2007:


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