Socotra is famous for a great number of caves

Пещера Hoq на Сокотре

Socotra has a great number of caves some of which stretching for tens of kilometers.

The Socotra’s cove located on the way to Dixam Plateau is the longest natural cave in Middle East. This was proved Peter De Geest, a famous Belgian cave scientist, who discovered the Cave of Hoq on the Socotra’s north-eastern coast in 2001. According to the measurements taken by the scientist and his team, the Cave of Giniba has a depth of 13,5 kilometers.

The Socotra Karst Project has studied only the main well-known caves of the island for the time being.  

Some caves including the Cave of Hoq are accessible for visiting by tourists.

← There were issued special postal stamps for an expedition to Socotra in 1960Socotrans are excellent free divers →
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