There were issued special postal stamps for an expedition to Socotra in 1960

For an Adenese-Socotran expedition, in 1960 there were issued special postage stamps with South Arabian Dhow ships (known to Arabs as sambuk). These stamps are sometimes offered at rather high prices at British auctions. It is a set of three miniatures worth 50 cents, 1 shilling and 2 shillings 50 cents in face value (in the currency issued for use in British controlled areas in East Africa, which circulated in South Arabia up to 1965).

It is interesting to note that no one knows much of the expedition for which these stamps were issued. At the same time there is enough information on the Oxford University Expedition to Socotra in 1956 and the Royal Air Force/Army Expedition  in 1964-65, but they did not have their own postage stamps...







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    Socotra has five wildlife reserves.