Dioscorida – the Island of Harmony

In the article published at one of the authoritative internet-portals Dr. Mukhammad Megalommatis, an expert in ancient languages, including Oriental ones, a researcher of socio-political processes taking place in the Middle East region and North & East Africa since the ancient times to the present dates, as well as the translator of the famous “Periplus of the Erythraean Sea” had described ancient Socotra as the island of peaceful international relations. 

An anonymous Greek author, who had lived in Alexandria (Egypt) in the mid-1st century A.D., mentioned Dioscorida Island in his description of navigation and trading opportunities from Roman Egyptian ports like Berenice along the coast of the Red Sea, and others along Northeast Africa and India.

It was the name the Greeks called today’s Socotra in honor of the Dioscuri (the collective name of stepbrothers Kastor and Pollux, Zeus’s sons), the patrons of wanderers and sailors. The Greek author described the islanders as immigrants from Yemen, India and Egypt, who had become relatives and got living by carrying on a trade with the neighboring countries. 

Dr. Megalommatis concluded that the author of the Periplus had meant to tell his readers that Socotra – Dioscorida had become a place of origination of a special conflict-free international society in which interethnic, interfaith, cross-cultural and translingual contacts and various relations were normal.

Source: Buzzle.com

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