1604: Hamlet on Socotra

English scientist Brian Lougery states that it was Socotra where a Shakespeare's play was performed for the first time in the Arab world!

During his lection devoted to William Shakespear’s works influence on the Arab world, that was given in the British University in Dubai, English scientist Brian Lougery stated that it looked like that it had been Socotra where a Shakespeare’s play was performed for the first time in the Arab world!

The point is that William Kiling, English captain of “Red Dragon” ship, produced two Shakespearian plays on board of his ship. The roles were played by his crew members. The scientist supposed that Socotra, where the famous English captain had stopped over to collect aloe, had turned out to be the place where a Shakespearian play was performed for the first time in Dar al-Islam. It was 1604. The play was called Hamlet”.

Source: Gulfnews, 1.03.2008

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    As far back as in Alexander of Maсedon’s times Socotra supplied a great deal of not only frankincense and myrrh, but also Dragon’s blood, which was rubbed in by gladiators before combats for quick wound healing.
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