New campsite on Socotra

For many years of work at Socotra, we have already collected some statistics. 80% of our clients are women. About half had never slept in tents before. We have good camping equipment, so everyone is happy in the end.

We strongly recommend this format of travel around Socotra, because when you spend the night at a hotel, the most "delicious" time of day is lost on round trip transfers. In addition, the capital of Socotra, Hadibo, is a dirty and completely uninteresting city. The most you can do is spend the last night at the hotel before departure to take a covid test, freshen up after swimming in the sea and have time to buy gifts (we recommend chic honey, an Arabian scarf and a Yemeni Futa skirt).

However, now for those who cannot imagine themselves sleeping in a tent, there is a great opportunity. A new campsite, which was built by the Jordanians, has opened near the airport.

The price is quite affordable - $ 25 per room (it doesn't matter SNGL or DBL). There are family suites with a kitchen and two rooms for $ 50

The restaurant at the campsite offer a very good food ($ 20 for dinner)


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Socotra has been famous for pearl fishery since the earliest times. The Socotrans are excellent free divers.