Socotra: Archeologic Sensation

In November 2008 Russian archeologists discovered ancient stone tools on the Socotra Island. In view of the fact that scientists relate the things found to Oldowan (earlier spelled Olduwan or sometimes Oldawan), the first known tool complex in prehistory, this finding can be regarded as a worldwide archeologic sensation.  


Indeed, until recently it has been considered that the first people appeared on the Archipelago not long ago, as late as in historical times. However, this hypothesis was disproved by the “pebble tools” discovered by Valery Zhukov, a member of the Russian archeologic expedition organized in 2008. The authenticity of the discovery was proved by Amirkhanov H.A., a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science, who organized the next expedition to Socotra in February 2009. The estimated age of the Oldowan choppers and picks turned out to be at about 1,4 mln. years!


олдувайское каменное орудие

Source: the articles from “Priroda (Nature)” (7/2009) and "Nauka v Rossii (Science in Russia)" (5/2009), the magazines of the Russian Academy of Science.



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    Socotra has five wildlife reserves.