Tale of Two Brothers - Soqotri folk tale

This Soqotran tale was recorded from Fatima Salim Sho'o (ca. 19) near her family small cave at Mauna Mountain in the north-western Muri area of Soqotra island just near the airfield and the camp in 1980. Her father Salim ‘Abdella Sho'o, her mother Maryam Keshen, and both of her brothers Sa’id and Sa’ad were also there. Fatima, a young clever Bedouin woman, never went to school. Here is a beginning of the tale which is very close to the famous Egyptian tale of Two Brothers from the d'Orbiney papirus.


Tale of Two Brothers. Part 1. California Linguistic Notes

Tale of Two Brothers. Part 2. California Linguistic Notes

(c) Vladimir Agafonov


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    As far back as in Alexander of Maсedon’s times Socotra supplied a great deal of not only frankincense and myrrh, but also Dragon’s blood, which was rubbed in by gladiators before combats for quick wound healing.
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