Socotran men wear skirts

Йеменская юбка фута

Like in Yemen Socotran men wear skirts. There are basically two kinds: ma’awiz and fowat.

The ma’awiz, plural for miwaz, are open rectangular cloths usually made of embroidered or patterned cloth.  It is worn around the waist like a wrap around, and is fixed on the body by folding the top most part in. The skirt covers legs below knee and very comfortable in wearing. Some people wear usual belts or Jambia belts like in inland Yemen.

The fowat, plural for fota, is similar to a miwaz but is closed from all sides so that to be worn a man needs to slip into it and not wrap it around his waist. A fota has no embroidery and its design is a standard machine print. Moreover fowat are much more colorful and have a variety of print designs, especially those from Hadramout.

A Yemeni skirt is a perfect thing. It is a good present for a man who likes going to bath-houses or taking water exercises.  Those who tried to wear it usually buy another one. It is also very convenient in home wearing.  



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