Mystery of the origin of Socotra's name


According to the most authoritative opinion the name of Socotra comes from a Sanscrit term for the “abode of the blest” (dvipa sukhadhara).

East historians spell the name of the island as Soqutri, Sou'qatra or Soqotra. Antique Greeks called it Dioscorida, Romans - Dyo-Socor-Yahlas or Dyo-Sotori. In an ancient Greek dialect the name of Socotra sounded as Fia-Soqa'tra or Soqater.

It is also assumed that the name of Socotra may be derived from the Arabic suqs qutra (means “the market of dragon’s blood”- a reference to the resin of its most famous tree species).



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    Socotra has a great number of caves some of which stretching for tens of kilometers.
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