Socotra opens a new tourist season



Biggest sweet pool in Socotra, YemenOvercoming strong summer winds Socotra starts the next tourist season.

The Socotra's tourist season lasts about 8 months - from mid-September to May. Each month is good in its own way.

October, November and December are most suitable for trekking programms, bird-watching, kiting and just outdoor recreation. It is the time when the number of tourists on the island is minimam and the likelihood to meet other groups is very little.

In addition to the standard programms we arrange individual tours to the special places of the island that are usually not shown to tourists. In the near future we will publish the example programms developed under customers' special orders last year.

One of these places is the largest freshwater pool located in the east of the island. To see its beauty you have to trek for about 2 hours to one of the canyons on the Mumi plateau.

If you want to take a non-standard tour on the island, please, contact us and we will arrange  the right programm in compliance with your wishes.




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    Socotra has been famous for pearl fishery since the earliest times. The Socotrans are excellent free divers.