Schedule of flights to the island of Socotra

Now there are two ways to get to Socotra.

The first - to fly through Sanaa - the capital of Yemen.

While many are still afraid of mainland Yemen, Sanaa actually now - quite a safe city.

In the case of flights to Socotra through Sanaa, we make your visa in advance, which is affixed to your passport on arrival at the airport.. You are greeted by our representative who will arrange your stay in the capital of Yemen.

We advise to take place in Sana'a one full day and pay attention to shopping. For example, in Sanaa, you can buy great coffee, which you do not buy anywhere else.


The second option - to fly to Socotra through the Arab Emirates. FELIX Аirways has scheduled flights Sharjah-Socotra-Sharjah.

If you are traveling through Sharjah, you can get a visa yourself in the emirates from the Yemeni Consulate in Dubai.  It takes 15 minutes. In this case you need an invitation letter from us in addition to a letter from the immigration office in Socotra to be addressed to the Yemeni Consulate in Duabi.


Socotra Island Airport

Felix Airways

Sharjah (UAE) — Socotra Wednesday 11:30 SHJ — 14:25 SCT
Socotra — Sharjah (UAE) Saturday 10:00 SCT — 14:45 SHJ
Sanaa — Socotra Saturday 07:15 SAH — 09:35 SCT
Sanaa — Socotra Wednesday 12:00 SAH — 14:25 SCT
Socotra — Sanaa Saturday 10:00 SCT — 12:30 SAH
Socotra — Sanaa Wednesday 15:00 SCT — 17:25 SAH
Socotra — Sanaa Monday 08:55 SCT — 09:50 RIY,
16:00 RIY — 17:00 SAH

Yemenia Airways

Sanaa — Socotra Thursday 10:30 SAH — 13:15 SCT
Socotra — Sanaa Thursday 14:15 SCT — 17:00 SAH


Due to an inflow of tourists in a high season we would recommend our clients to plan their trips and make booking in advance. 


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