UNCF finances modernization of 68 schools on the Socotra Archipelago.

Флаг ЮНИСЕФIn his interview to al-sahwa.net Hussein Radman, an official representative of UNCF on Socotra, stated that the international organization had supplied school and office furniture for 68 schools of Hadiboh, Qalansiya and Abd-El-Kuri mudiriyas. Besides, there were also supplied schoolbags with a full set of writing implements for all schoolchildren.

UNCF also granted 200 ths. rials Yemen to ten schools of two mudiriyas. This UN organization also arranged the training courses for a number of schoolteachers to teach them how to use these funds properly.

At the same time there are still a number of schools, including the one named after Khalid Ibd Abdel-Valid in Hadiboh, that suffer from a shortage of schoolteachers.

Source: Soqotra.org

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    The origin of Socotra's name is still wrapped in mystery. The Socotrans call their island Sacatri.