Hadiboh is the capital of Socotra


Hadibo, Socotra

Hadiboh is the dirtiest place of Socotra. It is hardly understandable why people settled down here. There are often rainy and sunless days. A rivulet flowing through the city is a perfect setting for the nurturing of mosquitoes that bother people at night. The city is overwhelmed by rubbish eaten up by ubiquitous goats, who also often steal food from tables in restaurants.

A few 2-3* hotels of Hadoboh are practically of the same level. The rooms have no hot water supply. Even more, it is a usual practice to switch off electricity at 6:00 a.m. So, the guests of the hotels usually wake up because their air conditioners or fans stop operating.

There are no sights in Hadiboh. When staying overnight in the hotels you lose the best time of nature – sunsets and dawns. Besides, you have to have supper at local restaurants where cooks do not know how to cook fish or meat.

Most Socotrans living far from Hadiboh do not like this city and consider it as a hotbed of civilization and vice (cat).




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    For an Adenese-Socotran expedition, in 1960 there were issued special postage stamps.