Dragon’s blood on Dixam Plateau

Драконовые деревья в Dixam

Dixam mountain plateau is located in the very center of Socotra. It is a habitat of Dragon Trees that have been famous since remote antiquity.

Socotra was famous in ancient Rome not only for its frankincense but also for Dragon Trees’ resin known as Dragon’s blood.  The locals obtain it from the trees’ bark and sell to resellers or tourists. The resin has very strong antiseptic and immunostimulant properties. In Ancient Rome gladiators smeared their bodies with it before taking up the battles. It hastened healing of their wounds by reducing blood loss. The locals also use the medicinal properties of the resin. For example, they give it to women in childbirth to stop bleeding. I tested this miracle cure myself and was very surprised when it helped me to remove the attack of my chronic disease that does not disturb me anymore. We would recommend you to buy a couple of small packets with the resin that local children offer to tourists for a small pay.     


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    The origin of Socotra's name is still wrapped in mystery. The Socotrans call their island Sacatri.