Defence Ministry: Israel leaks misinformation about Yemen

Yemen's Defence Ministry has affirmed that the Israeli intelligence was behind the leaking of misinformation about the arrival of American troops to the Yemeni island of Socotra with of establishing a military base.

A source of the ministry denied what the UK Economist magazine published about the arrival of US troops arrived in Socotra, stressing that the report was baseless.

"They were false leaks that their sources are known and they merely aimed to raise false information" the sources added.

The source told Al-Masdar Online that there are no US soldiers in the island of Socotra or any other Yemeni soils, emphasizing that Yemen does not accept the presence of foreign troops on its soils.

The source urged media to verify the accuracy of information and not to rush to publish false news.

Nevertheless, UPI quoted officials that it did not identify as saying that thousands of U.S. troops have poured into the Yemeni island of Socotra in the Arabian Sea to prepare for a possible armed conflict with Iran.

The UK Economist Magazine quoted Israeli intelligence sources as saying that “many thousands” of American troops have arrived at the Yemeni Socotra Island and the Omani Masirah island.

An Emirati newspaper, Al-Khaleej, said the Yemeni government sent military reinforcements to the Island, pointed out that Yemeni officials strongly denied the reports of US soldiers arrival.
They said the Yemeni authorities had refused an American offer of establishing a military sources for return of further US privileges for the impoverished Arab state, pointing out that the government reused the offer.


Source:     Yemen Post


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    In the central part of the East China Sea there is also Socotra Island. It is interesting to note that both Socotra islands are indirectly related to each other.