Darsa Settlement Plan

остров Дарса

The Socotra Archipelago, a part of the Republic of Yemen, consists of the biggest Socotra Island and a few small ones, of which Abd-el-Kuri, the closest island to the Horn of Africa, and Samha Island, one of Al-Ikhvan islands (Samha and Darsa), are settled by people. Darsa Island is peopleless. The smaller islands and rocks are uninhabitable.

The Yemen State Committee for the Socotra Archipelago Development is going to study the possible settlement of Darsa Island. A Committee representative on Socotra stated that the Archipelago would be visited by a group of experts planning to explore Darsa Island’s living conditions, i.e. potable water supply, availability of grazing lands, climatic conditions, possibilities for road laying and etc.

He also stated that the Committee would buy a 50-60 ton boat for currying food products and fuel from Socotra to Abd-el-Kuri and Samha. There was already bought a 7-seater boat for providing passenger service between the Archipelago islands in favorable weather conditions.    

Not long ago Abd-el-Kuri, the second-largest island of the Archipelago, was equipped with a water-distillation plant.

Source: 26September.net

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    Socotra has been famous for pearl fishery since the earliest times. The Socotrans are excellent free divers.