Summer programs on Socotra

Summer is not touristic season on Socotra, but there is many interesting things to see at this time.

Socotra in summer time

Knowing the location and specific features of the island we can make your visit comfortable and not less attractive as in other months of the year.

Early June the wind season provokes sudden changes in the Socotra’s climate. May heat falls down and it is getting chilly and cloudy in the mountainous parts of Socotra, but it is not practically raining at this time. On the Dixam plateau dense fogs steep dragon blood trees and the feeling of landscape unreality increases.

It is getting fresh and green in canyons. The water level in streams increases, freshwater pools become cleaner and deeper. Waterfalls appear from everywhere.

On the northern coast strong winds coming from the mountains form the famous Socotra’s dunes. In the north-western part of Socotra from July to August one can see big turtles crawling at night on deserted sandy beaches to lay eggs.

In summer myrrh and frankincense trees stay in bloom. This time is especially good for spending nights near the waterfalls.

Many places on the island are protected from winds and comfortable for sleeping outdoors. We will prepare for you non-standard trips during the summer.

The cost of the tour depends on the program, the length of stay and the number of people.


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    In the central part of the East China Sea there is also Socotra Island. It is interesting to note that both Socotra islands are indirectly related to each other.