Socotra's Museum


The establishment of a small museum was financed by a prosperous Socotran man permanently residing in the United Arab Emirates. It contains a collection of practically all household items used traditionally by the Socotrans. The museum is located near the road leading to Archer.     

Except primitive textile machines, stone mills, dishware and other things you can see here a log canoe that was used by islanders not only for fishing but also for travelling to Africa and the Arab Peninsula not so long ago.

The most interesting thing of the museum is a set for fire-making.  If you ask a museum attendant to show you how to make a fire he will easily do it in couple of minutes. You can buy similar fire-making sets in a honey shop near Taj Socotra Hotel in Hadiboh.   



Photos from the museum:



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    The most beautiful postal stamps issued for the Mahra Sultanate of Qishn and Socotra were the stamps devoted to Arab culture and folklore.