Socotra available again for tourism!

Tourism has returned to Socotra!

Felix Airlines launched a direct flight from Dubai to Socotra (on Thursdays).

The next group tours to Socotra are planned in March 2021.

Guide - Nadya Novikova (she has been to Socotra 6 times)

Socotra camping tour (minimum group of 4 people):

  • from March 4 to March 11
  • from March 11 to March 25
  • from March 18 to March 25

The cost of participation is 1550$ including visa.

Test for virus (need to come back to Dubai) you can do on Socotra, the price is 70$.

Prices do not include the cost of air tickets (~800$ two way)


Individual tours are available from February to the end of April.

Book your participation in a group tour to Socotra


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    Socotra has been famous for pearl fishery since the earliest times. The Socotrans are excellent free divers.