Hoq Cave


Hoq cave, Socotra

Hoq cave is relative easily accessible. It takes one hour and a half to climb to its entrance from the village. You will need to take a local guide. The route is not difficult, but tiresome. Tourists usually follow it in the full blaze of the sun. So, do not forget to take a couple of bottles with water.

The cave is rather easy to enter. It stretches for about 3-4 km along the cliff. It is rather cool inside. The ground of the cave is water-free, there are only terraced plots filled with water at the end of it. The pathway inside the cave is marked by a reflective tape. It is not possible to lose it. Do not forget to take a personal flashlight!

It usually takes fourty minutes to reach the end of the cave. If you have a tripod and a good torch you can try to take a beautiful photo here.     

There is a popular opinion that Hoq cave is the largest one on Socotra. But this is not the case. There are also other hard-to-reach caves stretching for many kilometers deep into the island. Most of Socotra’s caves are still explored by speleologists.







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