Homhil Plateau


Homhil, Socotra

Homhil Plateau attracts tourists primarily by a combination of various kinds of trees growing at one place.

To get here you have to overcome a steep serpentine road, which is one of the worst on the island.

When reaching the plateau tourists usually leave their cars at a small settlement and engage a guide (it is obligatory) for taking a walk to a natural basin where they enjoy a glorious view of the Arabian Sea.

A caved part of the cliff has formed a real aerodynamic tunnel. That is why it may be very cold on the plateau. Do not forget to take something warm to put on.

There is no a camping site here. You can drink a cup of tea and drive back to Hadiboh. The second option is a two-hour walk down to a seacoast where a car will be waiting for you.





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    Soviet military base has never been established in Socotra.