Goats have eaten Socotra

Коза Сокотрийская обыкновеннаяКоза на рынке в Хадибо

The goats were brought to the Island by ancient sailors long ago. Soon after they went out of control and started grazing in all parts of the Island. Eating sprouts they prevented many plant species from propagating.  

So, today it is practically impossible to find small wild-growing Dragon trees. This means that the specimens of this relict species survived may be of more than thousands years old.  

These were the goats that provoked the total soil erosion. Being devoid of roots the soil was washed away by rains and eroded during summer monsoons. As a result one can see strange stone palisades stretching along the Island. 

Be careful while camping on Socotra! A Socotran goat may reach your food or paper products within a second.

In Hadibo the goats eat garbage and steal food from tables in local restaurants.  


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    Socotra has five wildlife reserves.