From the roof

On Socotra it is not easy to find a good home fit for habitation.

This year it took us almost a month to look for such a dwelling. It was Ghanem who helped us to find a big house that was built not long ago and needed some finishing works to be done.

By Socotran standards, this is a big and comfortable house.  It has 3 rooms, a large lounge, a separate building for a big kitchen and a bathroom.

A high fence, a small yard and no neighbors compensated for some minor inconveniences to which we got accustomed very quickly (for example, the kitchen is equipped with a water tap, but there is no a sink; the water tap is meant only for using as a source of water!).


Photos made from the roof of the house:

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    In the central part of the East China Sea there is also Socotra Island. It is interesting to note that both Socotra islands are indirectly related to each other.