Development of tourism on Socotra

Yemen’s Minister of Tourism Dr. Mohammed Qubaty said that his country has received promises from international parties to facilitate the financing of tourism projects by the private sector in safe areas that fall under the control of the legitimate government.

Qubaty told Asharq Al-Awsat that the ministry of tourism has addressed earlier international finance companies and explained the need to enable the private sector to invest in tourism sector infrastructure in Socotra and other projects indirectly linked to the sector. “We have received promises of great support,” he said.

He added that his ministry plays a significant role in convincing international airlines to conduct direct flights from all regions of the world to Socotra, noting that if it succeeds in convincing the shipping companies, many fields related to the sector will develop, notably the gradual flow of investments in the vital areas under the authority of the legitimate government, followed by organizing flights to Hadramout.

Qubaty pointed out that the strategy of his ministry is to connect three vital areas, which are Socotra, al-Mahrah and Hadramout, to international airlines and navigation in order to stimulate tourism in those areas that have good infrastructure.

He said that the Yemeni government is considering the ability to prepare Mahrah airport for the return of aircraft reception.

In case the government found difficulties that hinder the achievement of this task, Mahrah airport preparation project will be submitted to the private sector to prepare it so that it can be linked to international flights.

Qubaty stressed that the coming days will witness the preparation of Mukalla airport, which helps greatly in gaining the confidence of international navigation companies.

He explained that the government has recently presented a proposal of a group of five-star hotels in Hadramout province and about five hotels in Aden to the private sector to develop and rehabilitate them.

“In the coming days, the ministry will sign agreements for the rehabilitation and operation of these hotels,” he confirmed.


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