Central canyon

Каньон на Сокотре

The central part of the island is divided by a network of canyons. One day we decided to explore one of its branches. To get there we turned off the asphalt road in the opposite direction of Wadi Dirhur. We were surprised to see that the nature here differs from that of Dixam. There are practically no Dragoon trees, but there are plenty of Bottle trees of fanciful forms.

In spring we managed to explore only a part of the canyon. We left our car only to take a look round the corner but got carried away and walked for almost 5 km to the westward. The beaten path was leading through piles of stones, various grottos and caves where we saw the signs of former dwelling sites.

In about an hour we reached a pit-like formation at the bottom of which we saw an entrance to the big cave. Unfortunately, we did not manage to move along as a local man gave us a signal that we were not allowed without a local guide. So, we had to come back to our car that we had left unlocked for about three hours …) 




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    Socotra has been famous for pearl fishery since the earliest times. The Socotrans are excellent free divers.