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Activities on the island of Socotra

Activities on the island of Socotra

Sailing on Socotra

Socotra started to receive cruisers. Our agency "Socotra Tamam" started working as an agent for sailors coming to Socotra island. We help sailors with all documents, buy food, water and fuel. And of course we showed our guests the island of Socotra.

Diving expedition to the islands of the archipelago of Socotra

We will arrange a diving expedition to the islands of Socotra archipelago from 15 to 25 October 2014. Guaranteed dive with manta rays. Group of 4-5 persons. Two places are available.

Professional fishing tours to Socotra archipelago

Introducing our new partner - "Wild sea expedition" is a company that organize fishing trip on Socotra archipelago since 2010, they are the first to discover this place for sportfishing and explore it.

Sandboarding on Socotra

Sandboarding - is riding on a special board on the sand dunes. Socotra is a unique place, as if specially adapted for this unusual entertainment. We have included riding over the sand dunes in our travel programs.

Trekking on Socotra

Socotra is a perfect place for those who like trekking. Trekking activities will allow you to watch the island’s nature more closely and to make great photos. You will be able to see the places not accessible by cars.

Freediving on Socotra

Underwater hunting on Socotra is strictly prohibited by law. But nobody has anything against free diving and spinning.

Kitesurfing on Socotra

Socotra was tried only by a few kite surfers.

Diving on Socotra

The best time for diving on Socotra is the period from October to November and from March to May, when wind falls and the sea calms down.

Windsurfing on Socotra

Socotra can be too dangerous for wave-riding, but it is an excellent place for measuring speed during a monsoon season...


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