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My life on the island of Socotra


Denis Romanov

Socotra is as much beautiful as uncomfortable for living, especially for those who spends much time here.

Today Socotra is rapidly changing. It so happed that I witness and participate directly in its development. I started arranging tourist programs together with the Socotran guides who became my sincere friends for several years.  

On this page I tell about my trips to the island, new places and people, the Socotrans’ life, as well as about the changes provoked by globalization.

Socotra is a small and wild island so far. The main goal of my project is the creation of a comprehensive eco-tourism system on the island, which will help islanders to improve their standard of living and give other people a chance to see such an island like it was long before our birth.









Socotra in November

In November, a northeastern monsoon is installed on Socotra, which brings clouds and sometimes rains to the island. The winter season in Socotra is the best time for trekking and landscape photography.

Socotra in October

October in Socotra is an ideal time for trekking, boat trips, fishing and diving. The summer monsoon is over, the sea is calm and in the mountainous part of Socotra is warm and sunny.

Tritamam - outrigger sailing canoe with junk rig sail

I built this boat with my own hands from the old fiberglass canoe and scrap materials. Great for fishing and sailing along the shore. This is the only sailboat on Socotra.

New trekking routes on Socotra

You can find exciting trekking routes very close to Hadibo - the capital of the island of Socotra. For example, a beautiful 3-hour walk through the pass Heybak.

Bicycling on Socotra

Bicycle allows you to enjoy other Socotra that you will not see from a car. Hiking paths and country roads lead you sometimes to the very beautiful places. We are starting to make cycling itineraries on Socotra.

Sailors watching Socotra

Sailors, who came to Socotra at the end of the southwest monsoon, could see what was happening on Socotra in the summer. The weather is very different from the usual. In the mountains is cool and cloudy. On the north shore of Socotra blowing very strong wind.

Summer monsoon winds on Socotra

Southwest monsoon wind becomes very strong on the northern coast of Socotra in the summer months. At same time there is rainy and cold weather in the mountain part of Socotra.

Junk rig sail on Socotra island

We made a small sailing trimaran with junk rig sail for coastal trips around Socotra.

Water-jumping  on Socotra

A few photos and animated GIF showing where and how you can jump into the water in the canyons on Socotra.

Trekking tour on Socotra in November

During our trekking tour we visited the most secluded places of Socotra, which are not included in the standard tour program.

To the islands Samha, Darsa and abd-el-Kuri

We visited the other islands of the archipelago of Socotra. These very beautiful places are not spoiled by civilization. White sand, beautiful reefs full of fish and nice people who live in uneasy conditions.

Diving on Socotra archipelago

A series of underwater photos taken during our diving expedition to the islands Darca, Samha and Abd el Kuri, a part of the archipelago of Socotra.

Sambuka - arabian boat Dhow used in the archipelago of Socotra

Sambuka - fiberglass analogue of classical Arabic fishing boat Dhow. Usually it is 'floating refrigerators' that buy fish from local fishermen on Socotra.

Leaves of bottle trees of Socotra

Now bottle trees on Socotra covered with leaves. Some photos of bottle trees made during the last trip to the plateau Mumi on the east of the island of Socotra.

Sandboarding on Socotra - new video

For all our guests we offer sandboarding - new attraction on Socotra. We have special boards and checked routes for safe skiing.

Summer on Socotra. A trip to the north-east of the island

Monsoon wind, passing through Socotra, become stronger on the north coast. The strongest wind is blowing in the north-east of the island.

Monsoon wind on the island of Socotra

Monsoon winds are changing the face of Socotra. A selection of photos of Socotra, made last month.

Socotra in November

Autumn was very rainy in Socotra. Such heavy rains was not more than 40 years. The whole island covered with greenery. Now it is very beautiful. Especially the sunsets and sunrises.

10-day private trekking route through Socotra

Every year my friend Vladimir comes to Socotra to visit remote areas of the island. The last time we discovered some very interesting places.

Private tour to Socotra - Special Offer

If you're a photographer and you prefer to travel alone, I'll be happy to offer you an individual tour to Socotra island with my support and services, including outdoor camping and quality cooking.


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