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Visiting Socotra Island

Travel to Socotra Island

How to get to the island of Socotra

Our mission is to show you the island in such a way that you will remember it as one of the most unusual trips in your life.

Feedback: My unforgettable Socotra experience

Socotra. Socotra. So-co-tra. Before taking a decision about going to this island I was looking through its photos, reading about it, tasting its name and trying to guess its smell. There was something tough and promising in its sound. Suddenly I realized that it has a sense of ADVENTURE that is so rarely met in our regulated tourist world of charters and guided tours.

Accomodation in Yemen & Socotra

Our mission is to show you the island in such a way that you remember it as one of the most unusual travels in your life. We offer you our knowledge of the island, the services of high-skilled and responsible Socotran guides knowing European languages, reliable and comfort transport, interesting non-standard routes, specially prepared meals and a great deal of new and unexpected impressions.

How and what to see on Socotra

Just imagine that you appear on another planet with strange surrealistic trees resembling turned umbrellas or walk through a Jurassic park where from time to time you meet fantastical bottle trees edging the ragged peaks of the mountains hiding beyond the clouds or the brooks leading to the oases surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, a habitat of a great variety of species of the ancient world.

Socotra traveller Instructions

People from every corner of the world come to Socotra to enjoy an island of remarkable beauty and the astonishing plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth. Tourism here should be primarily understood as ecotourism; therefore, the guests of the Archipelago have travelling responsibilities and are obliged to observe rules of environmental behavior.


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