Sailing on Socotra, Arabian Sea, Indian OceanOur agency "Socotra Tamam" started working as an agent for sailors coming to Socotra island.

We arrange all the necessary documents on Socotra, help you to fill the boat with water and fuel, buy food, do your laundry.

It's better to inform us about your visit a few days in advance sending an e-mail to

Ancorage place - 12°40.50 N - 54°04.44 E

Better to come in a day time. You have to wait aboard till sequirity come to the boat for custome and immigration control. 

We advise you to read the report of the yacht Delta, where you will find detailed information about сruising on Socotra island.

Sailing cruisers on Socotra

During February-March 2015 several sailing boats made a stop on Socotra.

Report of sailing yacht Delta

Sailing boat "Delta" which is traveling around the world was the first boat coming to Socotra in recent years.