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Our travel programs on Socotra

Our travel programs on Socotra

Group tours to Socotra in 2020

The next group tours to Socotra in 2020: a camping tour from March 18 to March 25 and from March 25 to April 1 (guide Nadya Novikova). From April 1 to April 8, Nadya Novikova will conduct a trekking tour under our new program.

Exclusive Socotra Trekking Tour

Together with Salem Al-Keabany, who will be your guide, we offer a new weekly trekking program. Camels and porters will carry things and equipment. You will spend 2 days on the coast, including the most beautiful beach in Shuab Bay. This season we will do 4 group tours - March 4-11, 18-25, April 1-8 and 15-22. The minimum group size is 4 people. Maximum - 8 people. We invite agents to cooperation.

One week camping tour around Socotra 2020

A dense program with overnight stays in nature includes the most interesting and beautiful places of the island of Socotra.


Our specially-developed program includes the most interesting and beautiful places of the island of Socotra. The main idea of our program is to avoid staying with other tour groups in camping sites. Instead, we plan to camp out in the most beautiful places of Socotra.

Summer programs on Socotra

Summer is undeservingly considered to be a Low Season on Socotra. But it is the time when you can find many curious and interesting things on the island.

 Basic tourist program on the island of Socotra

The offered programs shall be regarded as basic ones developed for visiting the island’s most famous places, having overnight stops at Hadiboh’s hotels or at camping sites


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