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Sandboarding on Socotra

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Socotra is a unique place, as if specially adapted for this unusual entertainment. For all our guests we offer sandboarding - new attraction on Socotra. Sandboarding - is riding on a special board on the sand dunes.



We have a special board for those who know how ride a snowboard. For everyone else - sleigh ride which lying:


Sandboarding on Socotra island

All our guests are happy to ride on the sand dunes on Socotra. Without exception all the guests ride them, even a respectable age ladies! This is a completely safe way to ride on the sand dunes on Socotra.

Simple training is conducted on a small hill, then follow the higher hill where you can get a good speed.  And finally - our special "bobsleigh" route with a few turns.

Our video shows the new entertainment on Socotra.

Skating from dunes quite safe after a short briefing. You can ride alone or with an instructor:


Write to us if you want to ride on the dunes.

Our instructor will show you the route and give safety instructions



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