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Tourist Attractions of Socotra

Montane Ascetics of Skant

If you want to see a montane Socotrans’ way of living we would recommend you to visit Skand mountain area.

Sands of Noget South Coast

You can leave your car on the road and take a walk into the depth of sands. If you come here before a sunset, a soft evening lighting will make this place to look much more beautiful.

Hoq Cave

Hoq cave is relative easily accessible. It takes one hour and a half to climb to its entrance from the village. You will need to take a local guide. The route is not difficult, but tiresome.

Delisha Beach

It takes only half an hour to get to Delisha beach from Hadiboh. Tourists usually come here directly from the airport to have a swim and to walk along a big sand-dune.

Homhil Plateau

Homhil Plateau attracts tourists primarily by a combination of various kinds of trees growing at one place.

Beach in Shuab Bay

You can get to Shuab Bay by boat from Qalansiyah village. In an hour and a half you will appear in a marvelous place of Socotra far from civilization.

Detwah Lagoon -  the main beach of Socotra

Detwah Lagoon is definitely one of the most impressive places on the island coast. There is a camping site where you can stay for the night.

Wadi Dirhur Canyon

Passing by Dixam Plateau you can go down a steep earth-road to Wadi Dirhur Canyon, where you can have a swim in a small fresh water pool.

Dragon Tree in Dixam Plateau

Dixam Plateau is located in the central part of Socotra. It is famous for its Dragon Trees.

Frankincense Tree in Ayaft

Ayaft Gorge is the greenest place of Socotra. Its unique moisture-retaining microclimate is created by numerous springs and streams. It is the place where frankincense is harvested.

Sand Dunes in Archer

This place is a popular camping site between two big dunes. It is the sand coast of a fresh-water stream flowing out of a cave.

Socotra's Museum

The most interesting thing of the museum is a set for fire-making. If you ask a museum attendant to show you how to make a fire he will easily do it in couple of minutes.


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