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On the further side of Dixam Plato

Admin  [ 11.12.2009 ]
 My life on the island of Socotra  


Noah Abu Amer

After spending the night at the foot of canyon we set off for exploring the further side of Dixam Plato. It is a natural reserve famous for the highest density of Dragon’s Blood Trees. One feels like walking through a real forest.

This area is not allowed to drive in, therefore, one has to leave cars and go on foot to admire surroundings. But showing an especial document obtained in Sanaa and taking advantage of repair works at roadway gate we managed to continue our driving along the canyon up to Skant Mountains.

On our return trip we stayed with Sheikh Noah Abu Amer who lives near the forest of Dragon’s Blood Trees. By that time he had already prepared a goatling for our dinner. It was cooked in a usual way – slabs of meat were boiled a short while in a campfire.








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