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Sands of Noget South Coast

Admin  [ 09.07.2009 ]
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Noget, Socotra

Noget is the central part of the Socotra’s south coast. You can get here by the asphalt road leading through Dixam Plateau. Local guides usually take tourists to the Aomak camping. But we would recommend you to visit Stero place to see gorgeous sand barchans before going to the camping.

You can leave your car on the road and take a walk into the depth of sands. If you come here before a sunset, a soft evening lighting will make this place to look much more beautiful. 

There is also a more beautiful place with white sands on the other side of the camping. However, local guides do not usually show it to tourists as it is not convenient for them. 

Take care of your cameras! Unfortunately, many of them have been spoiled by Socotra’s sand…







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