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My life on the island of Socotra


Denis Romanov

Socotra is as much beautiful as uncomfortable for living, especially for those who spends much time here.

Today Socotra is rapidly changing. It so happed that I witness and participate directly in its development. I started arranging tourist programs together with the Socotran guides who became my sincere friends for several years.  

On this page I tell about my trips to the island, new places and people, the Socotrans’ life, as well as about the changes provoked by globalization.

Socotra is a small and wild island so far. The main goal of my project is the creation of a comprehensive eco-tourism system on the island, which will help islanders to improve their standard of living and give other people a chance to see such an island like it was long before our birth.









One month in Sana'a

Affairs, we had to come to Sanaa, where we live for a month in Tahrir Square in the city center.

Trekking routes around Socotra: the pass between Shuab bay and beaches оf Net

Shuab Bay, located in the west of Socotra, great for hiking. From here you can go to the pass towards the beach Net, where you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view.

Trekking routes around Socotra: one more mountain pass

Another interesting and beautiful trekking route around the island of Socotra.

Trekking routes around Socotra: mountains above Hadiboh

Not a very difficult route for a full day from the capital of Socotra to the pass to wadi Ayaft.

Flowers of Socotra Island

Several species of frankincense tree grows on the island of Socotra. In March, you can see how these trees are blooming.

Fish Day on Socotra

Several times a year, when the sea calms down, swarms of fry come to the shore of the island of Socotra.

Sweet dates from Socotra

Summer on Socotra - a season of dates. In July, the locals harvest dates for next year.

Dance on Socotra

Once I saw a real Socotran dancing.

Plateau Mumi - the eastern part of Socotra Island

Ordinary tourists never visit the plateau Mumi. But we love this part of the island and turn it in our program.

Sea port on Socotra

The port on the Socotra - it is just a small pier, where the merchant ships unload all the basic products.

Shuab bay in summer time

Shuab Bay - very windy place in the summer. We came here by car to enjoy the extraordinary view.

Summer Wind on Socotra

The main sign of the summer on Socotra - a very strong wind across the northern coast.

Socotra in the summer: Fishing from shore near the Hadibo

With some practice you can successfully fishing right from shore near Hadibo.

Weekend in Socotra

On weekends we usually go with an overnight stay in the bay Shuab where you can catch fish and cook an excellent fish dinner.

Dangerous Mechanics

Number of cars on the island is constantly increasing every year. But there is no one to repair them - on Socotra is almost no good mechanics. Sometimes it seems that those who are trying to work with tools, do not use their brain at all.

My birthday on the island of Socotra

My birthday we spent in a quiet location near the waterfalls on the southern coast of Socotra.

Try unique honey from Socotra

Unique honey has healing properties, you can buy a specialty store in Hadibo made few years ago by two French beekeepers, husband and wife Thierry and Camille Sergent.

New trekking route in Socotra - On the edge of the lost world

Wonderful views you can see from the edge of the plateau to the west of Socotra.

Over the mountain peaks to the south of Hadibo, the capital of Socotra

Probably everyone who looked at the mountains from Hadibo wanted to see what's out there, far away ...

What to do in Hadibo - the capital of Socotra

Hadibo - the capital of Socotra - looks more like a rural village than a city. However, here you can find many interesting things.


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