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Yemen, The Socotra Archipelago

The Socotra Islands are the jewels of Yemen and the whole Arabian region. It is indeed a place of botanical and zoological treasures nurtured by many generations of the islanders, the keepers of the unique cultural traditions of Yemen. For centuries, the Socotra Islands have been out of early explorers’ and naturalists’ attention. But by the end of 90-s they became a center of attraction never seen before especially from those who are interested in their economic development and natural environment preservation.

Dating back to prehistoric times the unique nature of Socotra attracts not only scientists and specialists, but also enthusiasts of eco-tourism.


Socotra island is one of few places in the world where people live in harmony with nature, so rarely found in our modernized world.

Tourism on Socotra is still developing. We arrange tours on Socotra Archipelago in cooperation with the local socotrian guides having many years' experience with tourists from various countries. They are highly professional and can show you the most attractive places of the island, tell about its nature, language and culture, as well as organize diving, trekking or other special programs.  

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Our camping program includes the most interesting and beautiful places of the island of Socotra.


New trekking route in Socotra - On the edge of the lost world

Wonderful views you can see from the edge of the plateau to the west of Socotra.

Over the mountain peaks to the south of Hadibo, the capital of Socotra

Probably everyone who looked at the mountains from Hadibo wanted to see what's out there, far away ...

What to do in Hadibo - the capital of Socotra

Hadibo - the capital of Socotra - looks more like a rural village than a city. However, here you can find many interesting things.

Detwah Lagoon

New tourist signs installed on Socotra. Standard shot Laguna now looks like this.

Wild beaches in Socotra

On the island of Socotra beautiful wild beaches, ocean waves and no one around. At dawn and at sunset is a good time for photos, but during the day have something to do on the coast:)

10-day tour with overnight stops at “wild” camping sites

This tour program is developed to show you the island’s most famous places at best time of day. So, all overnight stops are specially planned to show you these places at their best light conditions.

10-day tour with overnight stops at hotels and camping sites

This tour program is developed to show you the island’s most famous places with overnight stops at Hadiboh’s hotels or at camping sites with toilet and shower rooms.

10-day tour with overnight stops at hotels

This standard 10-day tour program is developed to show you the island’s most famous places. If you choose this program you will spend full 7 days on the island where tourist groups are guided by local English-speaking guides.

Socotra opens a new tourist season

Overcoming strong summer winds Socotra starts the next tourist season.

Updating of "Standard Socotra tours" programs

We have updated our “Standard Socotra tours” programs developed to show you the best sights of Socotra and Yemen. The programs are tailored for various categories of travellers.



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