• &folder - Folder id where posts are stored
  • &makefolder - Set to 1 to automatically convert the parent document to a folder. Defaults to 0
  • &postid - Document id to load after posting news item. Defaults to the page created
  • &canpost - Comma delimitted web groups that can post comments. Leave blank for public posting
  • &badwords - Comma delimited list of words not allowed in post
  • &template - Name of template to use for news post
  • &headertpl - Header template (chunk name) to be inserted at the begining of the news content
  • &footertpl - Footer template (chunk name) to be inserted at the end of the news content
  • &formtpl - Form template (chunk name)
  • &rtcontent - Name of a richtext content form field
  • &rtsummary - Name of a richtext summary form field
  • &showinmenu - Sets the flag to true or false (1|0) as to whether or not it shows in the menu. Defaults to false (0)
  • &aliastitle - Set to 1 to use page title as alias suffix. Defaults to 0 - date created.
  • &clearcache - When set to 1 the system will automatically clear the site cache after publishing an article. Defaults to false (0)
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  • Date: 16.09.2007
  • Author: Denis Romanov
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Socotra was a refuge for pirates for centuries.
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