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Must read - very interesting book about Socotra island

An extremely interesting book "Island of dragon`s blood" by a British researcher Douglas Botting. The book was published in 1958. Find out what was on Socotra during the time of Sultan.

Our partner is

Our project is joined by a worthy partner - "Socotra Tamam" Tourist Agency, a new long-term contracting partner of informational portal.

Handmade soap with resins from the island of Socotra

Natural soap with different resins from the island of Socotra is very good for the skin and have a delicate pleasant smell.

Spend your holiday on Socotra in summer, the time of many curious and interesting things

Summer is undeservingly considered to be a Low Season on Socotra. But it is the time when you can find many curious and interesting things on the island.

Tourism grows on Socotra

Tourism back to Socotra. The unrest in Yemen have reduced the traffic of the island, but now on Socotra has increased the number of guests from different countries - Germany, Britain, France, Russia and even Turkey. It became more and more visitors from Arab countries and the Yemen mainland.

The final part of the trekking

The last part of trekking trip to Socotra was the heaviest. The guys walked the bottom of the canyon Wadi Dirhur to the mountain of Skant, then descended into the gorge Ayaft.

The second part of the trek - through the plateau Mumi to the shores of Indian Ocean

Through wadi Kalesan our friends went to the south coast of Socotra. Here they spent several days photographing the coastal sand dunes.

Heavy trekking - excellent pictures!

Our friends, travelers with the experience, made ​​a difficult trekking trip around the island. The result was the remarkable photos taken in unusual places Socotra. The first part of the trip - coastline from Hadibo to the east of Socotra.

Socotra in summer time – new 10-days trekking program

Socotra is a very peaceful place. There are no armed riots. We offer you to see Socotra in the season of summer monsoon winds when the island gets a completely new face. The summer season is unreasonably considered to be a non-touristic one. But it is this time of the year when one can see many interesting and unique things on the island. Our new trekking program developed for a summer season is for those who love hiking and photographing. For your safety we offer to overfly Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, and to come to Socotra from Shardja.

New trekking routes - the descent into the canyon Dixam

This season we have worked for some new hiking trails. One of them - on foot descent into the canyon Dixam.

Our Christmas program in Socotra

Our New Year Program in Socotra was developed to minimize possible intersection with other tourist groups.

Socotra in November

Pics from Socotra made in November during trekking tour around Socotra island.

Happy New Year Party in Adeeb camping

At the moment this is the best accomodation in Socotra for this period. Best food, local drum party, soft electronic music at the night and good people around.

Special Socotra free diving tour from 7 to 17 March, 2011

We have developed a special Socotra Tour for free divers to show you the most interesting places of the island both on earth and underwater.

Our new Socotra tour booking system is now at your disposal

From now you can book your trip to Socotra and contact our managers who are responsible for your stay in Sanaa and Socotra through our booking system.

Training Photo-Tour to Socotra. 17-27 February, 2011

Travel to Socotra with Yuri Afanasyev, a professional russian photographer, and get to know an exotic country and how to make great photos.

Updating of "Standard Socotra tours" programs

We have updated our “Standard Socotra tours” programs developed to show you the best sights of Socotra and Yemen. The programs are tailored for various categories of travellers.

The new tourist map of Socotra

The new tourist map of Socotra shows the most interesting places of the island

Сhronology and fairy-tales of Socotra

New materials from Vladimir Agafonov - chronology of Socotra island and two Socotran fairy-tales, one of them you can listen to Socotri.

Socotra at "PhotoForum 2010"

At "PhotoForum 2010", the international photo-exhibition held in Moscow, SONY Company exhibited more than 20 posters of Socotra by Yuri Afanasiev, a professional photographer. More photos from exhibition...


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