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Socotra governorate

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SANA'A, Dec. 18 (Saba) - The Law No. 31 for 2013 was issued on Wednesday establishing the governorate No. 22 of the Socotra archipelago with Hadibo as its capital city.

The governorate is divided administratively into two districts: 1- Hadibo and 2- Qlansiah and Abdel-Kori. The Article (2) of the Law stipulates that the governorate consists of islands and rocks. The islands are Socotra, Darsa, Abdel-Kori, Sial Abdel-Kori, Samha and Sial Socotra. The rocks are Sira, Radad, Adlah, Karshah, Sihar, Thaen Thatal and Jals.



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