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My life on the island of Socotra


Denis Romanov

Socotra is as much beautiful as uncomfortable for living, especially for those who spends much time here.

Today Socotra is rapidly changing. It so happed that I witness and participate directly in its development. I started arranging tourist programs together with the Socotran guides who became my sincere friends for several years.  

On this page I tell about my trips to the island, new places and people, the Socotrans’ life, as well as about the changes provoked by globalization.

Socotra is a small and wild island so far. The main goal of my project is the creation of a comprehensive eco-tourism system on the island, which will help islanders to improve their standard of living and give other people a chance to see such an island like it was long before our birth.









Delisha Beach is just for relaxing

Delisha Beach fully justifies its name. It is good to come here in the evening for one-two hours just for walking along the beach.

Dixam - Skant

The canyon part from Dixam to Skant is one of the most interesting places for trekking.

Central canyon

Despite its rather small size Socotra has many places rarely visited by tourists.

Continue exploring the canyon

Mounting another side of Wadi Dirhur canyon we appeared in a small valley inhabited by locals.

Wadi Dirhur Canyon

From Dixam Plateau we went down to Wadi Dirhur Canyon, where it is good to stay in tents overnight and to swim in natural pools before going on.

Dragon’s blood on Dixam Plateau

Dixam mountain plateau is located in the very center of Socotra. It is a habitat of Dragon Trees that have been famous since remote antiquity.

Ayaft Gorge - a habitat of frankincense trees

Frankincense trees grow on mountain slopes of Ayaft Gorge that differs greatly from other Socotra’s places.

Sand dunes of Archer

High snow-white sand dunes in the northeast of the island make one of the most beautiful places on Socotra.

Socotra’s Seaport

The desolated pier located in a small bay on the northern coast of Socotra, which is constantly disrupted by storms, can hardly be regarded as the seaport. However, it serves as a berth for the ships supplying all the things needed for life to Socotra.

To Shuab Bay by jeep

Today Shuab Bay is one of the cleanest places on Socotra. It is only inhabited by a small fishing village. Here people lead rather isolated patriarchal life coming to Hadiboh only in case of urgent need.

Around Socotra Island (March, 2007)

Around Socotra Island (March, 2007)


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