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My life on the island of Socotra


Denis Romanov

Socotra is as much beautiful as uncomfortable for living, especially for those who spends much time here.

Today Socotra is rapidly changing. It so happed that I witness and participate directly in its development. I started arranging tourist programs together with the Socotran guides who became my sincere friends for several years.  

On this page I tell about my trips to the island, new places and people, the Socotrans’ life, as well as about the changes provoked by globalization.

Socotra is a small and wild island so far. The main goal of my project is the creation of a comprehensive eco-tourism system on the island, which will help islanders to improve their standard of living and give other people a chance to see such an island like it was long before our birth.









Old log canoes

Many Socotra’s old canoes made of African species of wood are in a quite a good state.

Yemeni coffee on Socotra

In spite of the fact that Yemeni coffee is considered to be the best one in the world, Socotrans do not drink it. At best you will be offered NESCAFE that resembles natural Yemeni coffee only in color.

Cascade waterfalls on Socotra

In the eastern part of the island, far from the paths beaten by tourists, you can find cascade waterfalls in small gorges.

New Year & Birthday Celebration on Socotra

New Year & Our best friend's birthday celebration on Socotra

Socotra’s sand

Socotra has plenty of sand. Besides big dunes and endless multikilometer beaches you can also admire fancy sand patterns here.

Fish on Socotra

Everybody knows that Socotra’s inshore waters are full of various fish species.

Socotra’s Wild Beaches

Besides mountain areas Socotra has very beautiful desolate beaches.

Socotra’s secluded nooks

Besides usual touristic places Socotra has a great many secluded nooks that are also worth visiting.

Goats are nuisance animals for Socotra

The central plateau of the island is covered by cirque fields. Years ago they had dense vegetation, but it was eaten by goats.

Socotra’s parties

The Socotrans are joyful and cheerful people. None of holidays goes without dances and playing the drum.

NET wild beaches

NET wild beaches are the best place for romantic overnight stops. You can get here by boat of by foot through the mountain ridge from Shuab Bay (it will take you 3 hours).

Hoq Cave

It will take you more than an hour to get to Hoq Cave following a mountain trail leading through round stones and bushes.

Socotra Beekiping

Socotra is famous for its delicious honey.

Noget sand land

On Socotra’ south coast, its central part called as Noget, there are places worth visiting.

Т-34 on Socotra

In the 1980s USSR was actively supporting South Yemen’s communism movement. As a heritage of that time one can see Soviet tanks T-34 embedded in various parts of the island.

Skant - high-mountain ascetics

Skant is one of the highest places of the island. From here there is a wonderful view of the northern coast of Socotra.

Homhil Plateau

The place is heavily accessible by road that may be even dangerous in a rainy season. It is good to come here in a day of clear sky.

Fortunes of camels

Camels seem to be ones of the happiest creatures on Socotra. They do not practically work and graze lazily on coastal plains.

Trekking route from north to south

The trekking route from Rush camping to Matiaf village is worth taking.

Detwah – the most beautiful beach of Socotra

Detwah lagoon located not far from Qalansiya, the second big settlement on Socotra, is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Socotra.


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