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Group tours to Socotra in 2020

The next group tours to Socotra in 2020: a camping tour from March 18 to March 25 and from March 25 to April 1 (guide Nadya Novikova). From April 1 to April 8, Nadya Novikova will conduct a trekking tour under our new program.

Exclusive Socotra Trekking Tour

Together with Salem Al-Keabany, who will be your guide, we offer a new weekly trekking program. Camels and porters will carry things and equipment. You will spend 2 days on the coast, including the most beautiful beach in Shuab Bay. This season we will do 4 group tours - March 4-11, 18-25, April 1-8 and 15-22. The minimum group size is 4 people. Maximum - 8 people. We invite agents to cooperation.

One week camping tour around Socotra 2020

A dense program with overnight stays in nature includes the most interesting and beautiful places of the island of Socotra.


Our specially-developed program includes the most interesting and beautiful places of the island of Socotra. The main idea of our program is to avoid staying with other tour groups in camping sites. Instead, we plan to camp out in the most beautiful places of Socotra.

Socotra in November

In November, a northeastern monsoon is installed on Socotra, which brings clouds and sometimes rains to the island. The winter season in Socotra is the best time for trekking and landscape photography.

Socotra in October

October in Socotra is an ideal time for trekking, boat trips, fishing and diving. The summer monsoon is over, the sea is calm and in the mountainous part of Socotra is warm and sunny.

Last boat on Socotra

60-foot catamaran with a Russian-Ukrainian crew came to Socotra. They were the first who visited Socotra in the season the south-east monsoon, which still strong now.

More Sailors on Socotra

Two more sailing boats have visited Socotra on their way to the Red Sea. German catamaran and Irish yacht spent on Socotra for about a week. It was a pleasure to meet interesting people, some of them live aboard for more than 10 years.

Cruisers on Socotra

Sailors is lucky people. Now they are the only ones who can come to Socotra and see our beautiful island. The rest are waiting until direct flight from Dubai starts.

New direct flight Dubai-Socotra-Dubai

Good news! November 27 will start a new direct flight from Dubai to Socotra.

3-day summer programs for Socotra

Short summer programs for 3 days (Wednesday-Saturday), adapted to the flights Sharjah-Socotra-Sharjah.

10-day trekking program for the summer season

We offer you to see Socotra in the season of summer monsoon winds when the island gets a completely new face. The summer season is unreasonably considered to be a non-touristic one. But it is this time of the year when one can see many interesting and unique things on the island. Our new trekking program developed for a summer season is for those who love hiking and photographing.

Summer programs on Socotra

Summer is undeservingly considered to be a Low Season on Socotra. But it is the time when you can find many curious and interesting things on the island.

Our partner is

Our project is joined by a worthy partner - "Socotra Tamam" Tourist Agency, a new long-term contracting partner of informational portal.

How to get to the island of Socotra

Our mission is to show you the island in such a way that you will remember it as one of the most unusual trips in your life.

Schedule of flights to the island of Socotra

There are two options how to get to the island of Socotra - through Sanaa, capital of Yemen, or directly from the United Arab Emirates (Sharjah). In a situation of pent-up demand, we recommend to book flights in advance.

Feedback: My unforgettable Socotra experience

Socotra. Socotra. So-co-tra. Before taking a decision about going to this island I was looking through its photos, reading about it, tasting its name and trying to guess its smell. There was something tough and promising in its sound. Suddenly I realized that it has a sense of ADVENTURE that is so rarely met in our regulated tourist world of charters and guided tours.

Spend your holiday on Socotra in summer, the time of many curious and interesting things

Summer is undeservingly considered to be a Low Season on Socotra. But it is the time when you can find many curious and interesting things on the island.

Tourism grows on Socotra

Tourism back to Socotra. The unrest in Yemen have reduced the traffic of the island, but now on Socotra has increased the number of guests from different countries - Germany, Britain, France, Russia and even Turkey. It became more and more visitors from Arab countries and the Yemen mainland.

Booking tours to Socotra for 2011-2012

Monsoon winds over the island. Socotra, which is completely untouched by unrest on the mainland Yemen and is ready to receive tourists for the upcoming season.


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