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Socotra from above, lagoon Detwah

Photo by Dmitry Pievtsov, a Ukrainian pilot who regularly works at Socotra

 John LaDoga 2019

Photos of Socotra island with quadrocopter. February 2019, visiting the island as part of the round-the-world cruise on the yacht Ladoga.

Sailor's letter: Socotra, Paradise island

"Touching land countless faces smiling and all curious, who were these people. I announced: "I am happy to finally be back in Africa", to which they replied, "No no, this is the Middle East!" Awesome. Socotra tamam! Socotra good! An expression one quickly learns through osmosis as it is a common expression people often times ask you on the island of Socotra. Though this is a common Arabic expression, the local language Socotri is, as the name suggests, a local language whose roots is one step older than Arabic."

Socotra in 1918 by The national geographic magazine

Old photos of Socotra in The national geographic magazine. 1918. "The isle of frankincense" by Charles K.Moses Formerly United States Consul-General to Aden, Arabia.

February desktop wallpapers

Lagoon Detwah — desktop wallpapers of Socotra Island.

Desktop Wallpaper

On this page you can download the most beautiful desktop wallpapers of Socotra Island. Browse through the desktop background images and download every background picture to your Windows and Mac OS computer or smartphone.

Morten Ross - Socotra in UV

Morten takes unusual photos in the ultraviolet range. In February 2015 we organized for him a special tour around Socotra.

Anton Nasyrov 2015

Photos from the fourth trip to Socotra in January-February 2015. Anton likes to get into tricky areas to make an unusual pictures.

Tatiana Egorova

Photos of our guest Tatiana Egorova, visited Socotra in January 2014. Our camping program "The Best of Socotra".

Tatiana Drujinina

Photos of our guest Tatiana Drujinina, visited Socotra in 2013. "Thanks for a great tour! Much time has passed, but the impressions is so bright, it seems that it was just yesterday." Our camping program "The Best of Socotra".

Photos and videos of Socotra

Socotra Island - a paradise for photography lovers.

Socotra in November

Autumn was very rainy in Socotra. Such heavy rains was not more than 40 years. The whole island covered with greenery. Now it is very beautiful. Especially the sunsets and sunrises.

10-day private trekking route through Socotra

Every year my friend Vladimir comes to Socotra to visit remote areas of the island. The last time we discovered some very interesting places.

Socotra Media Library

Home movies about Socotra. Photo films over the years.

Private tour to Socotra - Special Offer

If you're a photographer and you prefer to travel alone, I'll be happy to offer you an individual tour to Socotra island with my support and services, including outdoor camping and quality cooking.

Panoramas of Socotra

Panoramas of different sites on the island of Socotra.

Socotra in the summer: Fishing from shore near the Hadibo

With some practice you can successfully fishing right from shore near Hadibo.

Best photos of Socotra island

The best photos of Socotra, made by different authors

The final part of the trekking

The last part of trekking trip to Socotra was the heaviest. The guys walked the bottom of the canyon Wadi Dirhur to the mountain of Skant, then descended into the gorge Ayaft.

The second part of the trek - through the plateau Mumi to the shores of Indian Ocean

Through wadi Kalesan our friends went to the south coast of Socotra. Here they spent several days photographing the coastal sand dunes.


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