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Try unique honey from Socotra

Unique honey has healing properties, you can buy a specialty store in Hadibo made few years ago by two French beekeepers, husband and wife Thierry and Camille Sergent.

Di Sebro

Di Sebro is one of the most remote and pristine places of Socotra. It is a habitat of myrrh trees and a place for gathering excellent honey.


Socotra's Honey

Vladimir Agafonov   [ 13.08.2009 ]
Socotra's Honey

The Socotrans have been harvesting honey since the old days. But it was only 2007 that became a starting point in the history of the modern beekeeping and manufacture of the unique Socotran honey.

Socotra Beekiping

Socotra is famous for its delicious honey.


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